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Hand crafted textile products accompanied by a short 10m documentary film ‘Stitching Stories’

posted on 2020-03-09, 16:12 authored by Shirley Mclauchlan, Maddie Clark

Work submitted is a collection of 3 hand stitched textile products with an accompanying short documentary style film. The film supports the products by demonstrating the design process in the which the textiles were made. The textile pieces are described as modern day family heirlooms. The hand crafted heirlooms have been designed and crafted by Shirley Mclauchlan (Edinburgh University School of Design Textile dept.) her design work focuses on her role as a practicing sustainable designer.

The process is filmed by Maddie Clark final year (BA Hons) Broadcasting student from University West of Scotland. The collaboration records hand skills that may be in danger of being lost as the impact of digital technologies speed up the making process. The film documents the process and further examines the relationship between the designer and the client. The design work demonstrates how skill and material choice can help to maximise the longevity of a product. Exploring the notion of modern day family heirlooms.

The collaboration is a celebration of digital technologies and craft focussing on the benefits one can have on each other instead of opposing each other.

Futurescan 4: Valuing Practice

University of Bolton

23-24 January

Photographs by Tony Radcliffe and Di Downs


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