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‘Nonahedra’ Virtual Fashion Film

posted on 2020-03-09, 16:18 authored by Rachel Homewood, Alex Counsell

Virtual and mixed reality is a fruitful environment for the development of fashion and textile designs, as well as an approach in showcasing innovative two and three-dimensional work. The market sector in virtual reality is growing exponentially, the technology will become more accessible to the consumer, through the continued advancement of technology and greater interaction between applications such as wearable and mobile technologies. The potential in developing new approaches for design, fashion production, and retail is limitless. The University of Portsmouth has significant capabilities in motion capture technology, real time graphics, visual effects and virtual reality.

This project is a cross-disciplinary collaboration between academic staff across faculties, one with a background in industrial and studio practice in fashion and textile design, working in partnership with a principal technician whose expertise includes motion capture, real time graphics, visual effects and virtual reality. Through a mutual interest in the exploration of how fashion, textiles, intersects with digital technology the immersive virtual fashion film ‘Nonahedra’ has been created. This unique interactive fashion film encompasses two and three-dimensional imagery. Our aim for this film was to showcase the BA (Hons) Fashion and Textile Design students’ major collections in a virtual environment presented at Graduate Fashion Week. The film was generated using Unreal Engine, utilising visual components which included digital projection, 3D animation, motion capture, film and photography of the nine students work selected. The virtual environment created includes nine stages, each stage was designed purposefully in order to showcase each student’s work in a unique way, in connection with their design themes. The environment is playful and surreal, the audience is able to interact with the environment itself using virtual hands in order to view the work in greater detail.


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